What would Huawei do after ban from U.S and Android?

Why did U.S and Android ban Huawei?

On the 15th of May, 2019 U.S. President Donald Trump passed a ruling in which he banned any American telecommunication firm to work with foreign firms, such as Huawei, which could potentially pose a risk to the country’s national security. As a result Huawei was enlisted on the entity list with which American firms cannot carry on or start doing business with unless official permission has been obtained. Since, Huawei has been accused of working together with the Chinese government by using their technological gadgets or smartphones as Trojan Horses to provide intel and internal information to the Chinese spies although Huawei has continuously denied this accusation and no solid proof has been found as of yet which has been revealed.

As a result to this, various American firms have started to cut off ties with the Chinese based firm, Huawei one after another. Google being the developer of the most popular operating system, Android, has also been forced to act accordingly to the ban and as a result has had to suspend Huawei’s license of using Android as its operating system on its smart phones. Although, a temporary three month license has been granted to Huawei after which Huawei smartphone users will not be able to install any future updates or download any applications and most importantly they would not be able to install the new Android operation system updates onto their smartphones. Furthermore, current or existing Huawei users have been assured that will continue to get after sale services and security updates on the gadgets that have already been sold out. On the other hand, future models of Huawei will lose the access to all of Google’s services such as YouTube, Google Maps or Gmail.

How will Huawei Cope with the Current On-going Catastrophic Situation?

According to Huawei they had already been preparing for such a type of situation to arise and had been foreseeing this situation which is why they had already been pre-planning and coming up with a back-up plan to cope with such a type of situation. Huawei had been working on developing their own operating system so that they would be prepared if such a situation arises in which they could no longer work with Google and as a result would not have to rely on and depend on any U.S. based technological firm for its operating systems.

Although, continuing working with Android would be more preferable to Huawei as it would be very difficult to come up with a rival operating system as good as Android, since many have tried to do so and many have failed. Yet they have been prepared so they can keep their business on-going and avoid a catastrophic downfall. On the other hand, it is not an easy process to develop an operating system just as good as Android let alone develop a similar app store or come up with applications equivalent to WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram as those too have also been developed by and are owned by American based firms.

The very clear and obvious reality is that unless and until America decides to reconsider and revoke the ruling they have passed the downfall of Huawei is bound to happen very soon. Also considering the fact that most of the sales of Huawei will immensely decrease as most consumers prefer to purchase gadgets from companies which do not have a shaky future rather have a more solid and stagnant ground.