Top 3 iOS Emulator for Android to run Apple apps in 2018

Nowadays, the leading operating systems are iOS and Android. But there are some applications that you can’t run on the Android then emulators are the best solution. Emulators are very crucial when you have to play game or app from one operating system to another. But you can’t run an iOS application or game on your Android device and it needs a software to do the same. Then emulator will help you to perform this function and taste your favorite game without any hassle. If we talk about how it works then the answer will not be surprising as it works as an iOS application on your iPhone. In that way, you can enjoy all these iOS apps that are not developed for Android yet.


CIDER is considered the most popular and most used iOS emulator for Android. You can use it for free of cost. The best thing about CIDER Apk is that it has a user-friendly interface. By using CIDER, you can use iOS games and app on your android device. It takes more space to install this emulator for android. This iOS emulator may take 512mb storage of your android smartphone. If your phone has not enough space, your phone will be slow down. It is recommended that don’t prefer android launcher on iOS emulators if you want to enjoy the smooth experience of iOS applications.

iEMU Apk

iEMU is the best choice when it comes to enjoying the iOS experience. You can use it for free of cost like CIDER Apk. You can easily download this emulator, just download and install it in your Android smartphone and run your favorite iOS application or game. It is free from hitches as it is developed by distinguished Android experts. The best thing about this iOS emulator is that you can install it in the low spaced device as it doesn’t need too much space to install this software. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the speed of the device and it needs a basic system requirement for installation. But this iOS emulator is not available on Google play store. For the installment of iEMU Apk, you need to enable other resources. The basic requirement for its installation, your device should have 512mb RAM and 61mb storage space.

Appetize IO

Next up is Appetize IO that acts as simulator and emulator at once. It doesn’t require anything to download this software in your Android device. It will allow you to play the iOS application in the browser tab. You can search it on the browser and you will find the homepage of this incredibly amazing iOS emulator. Now click the tap on page option after finding the iPhone image. Then iOS emulator will start working on your android smartphone.


If you are thinking that these iOS emulators for Android can replace the iPads or iPhones then you are wrong because they are the replacement of the iPads or iPhones. It just gives you iOS experience on your Android smartphone.