Reasons why Theresa is resigning as PM of England

U.K.’s Prime Minister; Theresa May, made a statement to the nation and announced her resignation as the leader of the Conservative and Unionist Party on Friday, the 7th of June, 2019 and stated that she would also step down from her position as the Prime Minister of England. She also stated that she will continue to serve as the Prime Minister of England until a new leader has been elected and that the process of electing a new leader will begin shortly. She made her statement outside of her office in Downing Street in which she teared up and revealed her deep regret over her failure to deliver the referendum Brexit.

What led to Theresa making such a Decision?

In July 2016, Theresa May was elected as the second female Prime Minister of England and at the time the people of England made a voting in favor of Brexit which is a referendum to support the exit of England from the European Union (EU). So there could be a change in England and England could be made into a country which could work equivalently for its entire nation. To which the Prime Minister of England was effortlessly working after and had made developments in the process after following into the steps of David Cameron and George Osborne by continuing their work.

Yet, Mrs. Theresa May had continuously been facing opposition and had been struggling to get the required support from the parliament on the plans she had presented and propositions she had made to the European Union on how England would leave the European Union and how they would continue to work further on afterwards. Yet, her proposals were continuously rejected by the Parliament even after she tried for a third time and neither did she reach a result or attain any negotiation or compromise with her opposing Labor Party and the members of the Parliament.

On Tuesday, the 21st of May, 2019 she gave a last try to try and negotiate with the members of the Parliament to support her Bill to withdraw from the European Union. She also took a vote on whether a second referendum should be held in the case that the Bill was passed. However, her efforts reached no end and failed since the result was that many members blatantly opposed the Bill and were asking for her to step down and resign as Prime Minister.

What will happen with Brexit after Theresa’s Resign?

In the statement the Prime Minister of England made she also further stated that since she could not manage to convince and get the support of the Parliament now it was upon the upcoming leader and the new Prime Minister of England to continue with Brexit and manage to get a final result on the referendum Brexit. And in order to do so, the following leader would have to find and reach an agreement which he or she will only be able to do if all the different sides will be willing to reach a result by compromising on all ends.

In reality, the future and the end result of Brexit largely depends on the upcoming leader and Prime Minister of England; if he or she is a supporter of the referendum he or she will either be able to reach a compromise with the European Union or leave the European Union without reaching any compromise.