How to Increase YouTube likes in 5 simple steps

If you are just starting out on YouTube, you probably want to get more likes and views on your videos. Setting up an account and uploading videos will not be enough to get more YouTube likes and views. Therefore most of the people buy YouTube likes to draw more eyeballs on their videos. There are also some ways that you can use to increase your YouTube videos likes. Let’s get into it!

  • Post what people want to see
  • Embed videos on blogs
  • Choose an eye-catchy thumbnail
  • Buy YouTube Likes
  • Choose good tags
  • Post Videos frequently
  • Create high-quality videos


Post what people want to see:

People log in to YouTube to watch entertaining videos, so make sure that your videos are something that people want to watch and stick around. Consider searching popular videos and figure out why these videos are famous among people and try to create this kind of content. Don’t create videos that you like, instead, post what people want to see. It helps you to garner more YouTube likes.

Embed videos on blogs:

In order to grow your presence on YouTube and get more likes, consider embedding your videos on your website and other blogs as well. It will not only give you a good amount of video likes but also help you to give the number of subscribers on your channel. It is a good way to leverage your website traffic and people will more likely to watch your videos and like them as well. 

Choose an eye-catchy thumbnail:

An eye-catchy thumbnail plays a vital role to garner more video views and video likes because people tend to click on the videos that have an appealing thumbnail. So whenever you are going to upload your video, choose an attractive thumbnail that entices the audience to click on your video.

Buy YouTube Likes:

Buy YouTube likes is the easiest way to get a number of YouTube likes. When you buy views and subscribers with buying YouTube likes, you can grow your channel in no time.

Choose good tags:

Good tags make it easier for users to find your video on YouTube. Choose most relevant tags that make your videos more searchable on YouTube. The title of video can also help users to find your videos, so include tags in the title of your video also.

Post Videos Frequently:

On YouTube, when you post videos frequently, people are more likely to watch your content and like your videos. Moreover, you can also get more subscribers when you post videos on regular basis. No one will be interested to view your channel when you are not active on YouTube. Try to post videos with a regular interval, post two to three videos per week. But don’t forget to make quality content to make more videos.

Create High-quality videos:

People love to watch high-quality videos. If you want to get more likes on your videos then consider creating high-quality content on your channel. By doing this, it will help you to grow your channel in a short span of time.