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I made it! 40 years old! Whoooooooooo! There have been times over the past couple years where I wondered if I would even see this day. My health has not been the best, and it was only 9 months ago … Continue reading

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35 days to go

Sadly, there have been several–maybe lots–of cheat days recently. It’s so hard to control the cravings I keep having…sometimes, it takes everything within me to keep myself from giving in. Hopefully my last cheat day was Saturday (2 days ago). … Continue reading

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My political breaking point

I just unsubscribed from the Obama campaign’s mailing list, of which I have been a part since…2007, maybe? I’m so tired of the money begs, the ridiculous statements about conservatives (and I’m a liberal), the invites to hang out with … Continue reading

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The State of the Sycamore

If the nation and states can do it, so can I… My current state is…discombobulation. I love that word! I had to go to doctor last week in St. Louis…I was about 3 months overdue. I know I haven’t been … Continue reading

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