Dear St. Louis,

We’ve been together off and on for quite a while now…what, like 27 years? And I think it’s time for another break.  And it IS you…and me too.

We just can’t seem to get on the same page, ya know?  You become quite the modern lady since I got back 5 years ago…I’m highly impressed.  But I just couldn’t seem to impress you.  I got more edumacated and worked hard to prove my worth to you…but you just didn’t seem to notice.

I met someone else…Kansas City is really nice, and she seems to be willing to give me the chance that you are unwilling to give.  Of course, you’ll always be my first love, but I think we need some time apart again…but perhaps we’ll be together again someday.

I love you, St. Louis…goodbye for now.


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