Cutting the cord…er, check

Even when you think you’ve doing things the right way, they sometimes simply don’t work out.

I waited to get married until I was 32. I fell in love with a longtime friend…we dated for a year and got engaged…we got married a year later. The wedding was awesome…and though our marriage was not without problems (whose marriage DOESN’T have them?), I was very happy…

And then I got a call while on business here in Kansas City on September 17, 2010…my then-wife was not happy, and wanted a divorce.

I’m not going to go into or speculate on the whys of why our divorce happened…needless to say, I was devastated by it. And though I have moved on from it and have been doing well since that time, it has cast a long shadow across my life for the past 17 months. To say that it still doesn’t hurt or anger me would be a lie. And I know it’s okay to feel that way…but sometimes, I sit back and wonder, “What the fuck happened there?!”

(I want to be clear here that I made a lot of mistakes in our marriage…I am not laying the blame for its end solely at my ex-wife’s feet.)

Anyway…today is a monumental day in my moving forward…maybe more so than the divorce, although that was a huge weight off my shoulders…

As part of our divorce settlement, I agreed to pay a financial settlement to my ex-wife. Today, the final payment is being mailed…7 months ahead of schedule. And I cannot tell you what a great feeling it is to be done with all of this!

And I will end this post with these words…and if her or any of her friends are reading this, they should read the following words carefully:

If we never cross paths again, that would be quite alright with me. And if you’re reading this or my Twitter page or whatever connected to me…go find something better to do.

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