My political breaking point

I just unsubscribed from the Obama campaign’s mailing list, of which I have been a part since…2007, maybe?

I’m so tired of the money begs, the ridiculous statements about conservatives (and I’m a liberal), the invites to hang out with celebrities that don’t know me, and could probably give a shit less about me…for that matter, the President doesn’t know me, and could probably give a shit less about me as a person.

I’ve always been a pragmatist and realist–maybe a cynic–when it comes to politics…I never expect a politician to do what they say. But I’m just so tired of this political culture. I hear that this sort of culture is what drives people to support candidates…well it doesn’t work for me.

I will vote for President Obama in November, because I think he’ll do a better job over the next 4 years than Governor Romney. But this will be the last election in which I vote for the “least of all evils.” I don’t care if the Independent or Green Party or Libertarian Party guy has no chance…if they represents my interests best, they will get my vote in any future elections (federal, state, etc.).

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