Am I getting old…or smart…or both?

I used to be able to throw down some alcohol, mainly beer. There would be weekends in high school (yeah, my friends and I started early) where I would down 3 40-ounce bottles of beer in a night. That’s the equivalent of 10 beers. Then there was the period where I was pretty much drunk every night for almost 4 months…at age 21.

I’ve slowed down and become much more responsible since those days…there are times now where I go months without drinking. But here and there, I like to live it up. Last night was one of those nights.

Michelle and I went out with some friends last night…we had a DD, so I decided I was gonna drink hard. And I did…6 25-ounce beers over the course of 6 hours…12 1/2 beers. Wow…

Fortunately, I do not/did not have a classic hangover. I was drunk, but probably more tired than anything. But I definitely felt off when I got up…and still do.

I enjoy beer and wine and other spirits…I enjoy the actual taste of what I drink. And I do like a nice tidy buzz. But I just can’t drink like I did last night anymore…it’s not good for me physically or mentally. I had some cottonmouth this morning and felt worn out, but didn’t feel too bad physically. Mentally though, I just felt really off-kilter…still do, though feeling better now than I did when I got up 4 hours ago.

Above all, I don’t like the feeling of losing control as I get less sober…I was fairly well-behaved last night, but still. Besides…I’m probably more ridiculous sober than when drinking. ;-)

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