Let’s simplify things

This post started as an idea a few weeks ago…maybe sooner. I’ve been trying to find the right words for the last few days…I wanted to strike “an appropriate tone.” But…well, read the title of this blog post.

I have one simple goal in 2013…to simplify my life: finances, relationships, health, etc. I am 37 years old…I have a wonderful fiancée…an awesome son…a great family and friends. But I am fucking sick of dealing with unnecessary nonsense bullshit!

I’ve always prided myself on keeping one foot in the mainstream and the opposite hand holding a freak flag. That’s not going to change, but a streamlining is needed, and it starts now. I’m sure I will confuse some and piss off others…I already do that though, so no change there. But I have to do what is best for me and for my family.

Talk is cheap…but the actions I take this year will far outshine any words I’m putting in this post right now.

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