Freeman Bosley, Sr.: Genius

Freeman Bosley, Sr. is a long-time St. Louis Alderman, and was recently re-elected to another 4-year term. He ran for Mayor in the mid 80s, and his son (Freeman Bosley, Jr.) was the first African-American Mayor of St. Louis, elected in 1993. I have never cared much for either of them, but the elder Bosley did something this week that both disgusted and inspired me.

I’ll let the Nick Pistor from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch lay this out (story):

Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. says he “dug as deep as he could” to pay for his daughter’s college education.

So the longtime city politician sent an unusual letter to friends and supporters, asking them to provide $14,274 he says is the outstanding balance of his daughter’s upcoming bill at St. Xavier University in Chicago.

“Although the help from scholarships and grants has paid for nearly twenty-five thousand dollars, the remaining balance is still a challenge,” Bosley wrote in the undated letter obtained this week by the Post-Dispatch.

Bosley asked for the checks to be made out to St. Xavier University and mailed to an address in the 3200 block of University Street.

Bosley, a Democrat, appeared indignant when first asked about the letter on Wednesday morning. He told a reporter that he didn’t use any city resources and was just asking for money from friends. The letter wasn’t sent on city stationery or campaign letterhead.

You can also view the actual letter sent out when you read the full story.

After this letter made news…national news…Alderman Bosley decided against this latest campaign (story):

Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. says he will return any donations received in response to a fundraising letter he sent to solicit help paying for his daughter’s college tuition.

“I won’t even open the damn envelope, if that’s what it is,” Bosley said Thursday. “I’ll just send it back.”

Bosley came under fire Wednesday after the Post-Dispatch reported he had written a letter seeking donations from “friends and supporters” to pay the $14,274 he says is the outstanding balance of his daughter’s upcoming bill at St. Xavier University in Chicago.

“Since you made such a stink out of it, I’ll return any money,” Bosley told a reporter, adding that he had not yet received a donation. “You really have blown that thing well out of proportion. I did nothing wrong.”

Let me tell you how I interpreted the initial letter:

“I decided to send my daughter to an expensive high school, and now she’s going to a private university. Rather than live within my means or teach her a lesson in finances, I’d like my friends to pay for it.”

Is he or his daughter aware of student loans? Or all the websites and guides out there that point out the ridiculous amounts of scholarships and grants available? Or did they consider one of the great public universities in this country? Or even a great private school close to home like SLU or Wash U? One where she could live at home?

He may have done nothing wrong politically, but…wow…and this guy was just re-elected in March…

But the good Alderman has inspired me…he has inspired me to shoot for the stars…and I will do so right now.

We want to send Kiddo to a private school…because he deserves it. But we simply can’t afford it right now. Would you be willing to sponsor and support our darling boy? Please contact me for a mailing address.


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