The first baby step (previously hidden)

So I wrote this not long after my initial post about the surgery. In reality, the costs have been a bit higher than I originally thought, factoring in visits to my other doctors and the endoscopy I had to have in April. Still worth every penny though.

My insurance will cover bariatric surgery…it looks like I will pay 20% out of pocket, which will be about $2500. Well worth it, IMO. My insurance also requires that I do a 90-day supervised diet along with getting a psychological exam before surgery. I go to the surgery office to meet with a dietitian later today (Monday) about the diet. I have no idea what the diet will entail, but it will be followed.

My first appointment with the surgical staff is on February 9th. I assume that I qualify for the surgery…otherwise they would not have scheduled me for either appointment. I’m scared, but also…just ready to go…ready to do this.

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