The new van

So here she is:

2013-12-21 09.15.40 HDR

Our unnamed new van is a 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan SE. This is the 2nd new vehicle I have owned, and the first time I’ve owned a new vehicle in a current model year.

Why a minivan? Well, the work I am doing was simply outgrowing the Impala…there were days when all my deliveries simply wouldn’t fit. 65 boxes in a full-sized car that doesn’t have fold-down rear seats…it was like playing Tetris. We owned a full-size van for 5 months, but with our business diversifying, we needed a vehicle that could haul people too. The liability insurance on the 21-year-old cargo van was also more expensive than full coverage insurance on the Impala (and the Grand Caravan).

2013-12-21 09.15.19 HDR

I wasn’t really concerned about any stigmas attached to owning a minivan, though I did look at a variety of vehicles. In the end, the Grand Caravan simply offered the most bang for the buck. It has power, gets good gas mileage, the price was right and it has the space I need for people and cargo:

2013-12-21 09.24.38 HDR

The Stow ‘n Go seats may have been what fully convinced me. If you don’t need them, you fold them into their bins for a flat load space. If you use the seats, you then have deep storage spaces. The things people come up with…

2013-12-21 09.16.05 HDR

I also chose one with a hands-free package that includes a year of SiriusXM. Those will be very nice additions given how much time I spend in the car.

2014 is shaping up to be another big year business-wise…bring it on!!!

EDIT:¬†I failed to mention how awesome the folks at Schram Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Manhattan are. I hate new car dealerships, but these guys were straightforward with me from day one. Their website is not a hot mess, the prices listed are straight MSRP and they list the incentives available for each vehicle without trying to slip them into the actual price. The whole process was laid back…it was merely a matter of Michelle¬†and I pulling the trigger. Ryan, Brady and Josh were great…highly recommended.

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