Goodbye, Bella

3 years, 2 months…the longest amount of time I have ever owned a car…

277,000 miles…9 states…many towns visited…4 places of residence…billions and billions of dead bugs and animals…

The purchase of my 2009 Impala was not overly researched or planned out. My Cobalt was “repossessed” at midnight on a Sunday/Monday, and I had the Impala by 11am that Monday morning. When your life is driving and you don’t have a car, well…you have to hustle. The last generation of Impalas have a horrible resale value due to their extensive numbers in fleets, so you can get a year-old one for about half its original price. And it’s a good car…a damn good car…the best car I have ever owned. It was roomy and fast and got good gas mileage…qualities that do not always go together in a delivery vehicle. I named her Isabella, and called her Bella for short…this had nothing to do with freaking Twilight.

As business has grown and diversified this year, I have literally outgrown the car. I’m glad I was good at Tetris as a kid, because trying to put 50-65 boxes in the car could be a real challenge. And some days, it simply didn’t happen. The Mrs. and I owned a cargo van for several months, but we needed a cargo shuttle that could also haul people and get better gas mileage.¬†After a couple months of false attempts and debate, we pulled the trigger and traded the Impala in today for a new minivan (photos soon).

I don’t know what will become of Bella…she’ll be sold to an auction house probably. Hopefully they will be amazed at her good shape for being a 5-year-old car with 320,000 miles. And hopefully she will drive 320,000 more miles.

Perhaps I shouldn’t get emotional over a car…but I don’t give a shit. I love that car and will miss it dearly. But it is time to move forward.

2013-12-20 13.25.59 2013-12-20 13.26.17


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