The next chapter: Go west, young man!

On Monday, I take over as the 2 person at our company’s Kansas City office…”company” being the company that I have contracted with as a courier for the past year.  This is my first real full-time job since September 1, 2006.

And yes, I am moving to Kansas City…I leave Sunday morning.

Some of you may recall that I started going out to KC in July to assist the company when they took over a contract to deliver goods out there.  I wound up being out there 3 times, with the 3rd trip lasting 2 months.  During the last trip, I was essentially the “voice of guidance,” representing the company’s primary concerns while helping the KC office get to running smoothly.  My boss out there is awesome…we get along fantastically, and he kept begging me to stay out there.  Unfortunately, with the divorce and my dad’s poor health, I knew I would have to come back to St. Louis at some point.  Plus, the relationship with the college sweetheart was blossoming, and I wanted to see where that was going to go.  On October 21st, I returned home with my dad basically at death’s door.

After my dad’s death and things with the college sweetheart fell apart, I seriously considered going to KC then…but I decided against it.  The work I would have been doing at that point would not have been completely stable, plus I felt like I would have been running away from the hurt and pain I was feeling.  Then I was offered the #2 job this past week…and I did some thinking…

This has been just a shitty year, and this would be a great opportunity to start fresh.  I like KC, so living there is not an issue.  I don’t really know many people there, and I was horribly lonely the last time I was there, but the situation was different last time.  I have the chance to start over in a place where almost nobody knows me.  I love the work I’ll be doing and the pay is great…the only sucky thing is that I’ll be working quite a bit of hours and I won’t have benefits. *shrugs*  It can’t all be perfect, right?  I’m cool with that.

And I’ve dealt with my “issues” as best as I can.  The college sweetheart and I are done, my divorce will be over in the not-too-distant future, I’m moving forward with my life, my mom and brother are doing okay and are fine with me moving to KC…so it’s not like I’m running away from anything, ya know?

I feel like I have to do this. I love St. Louis…and I’m so impressed with how much it has improved over the past 10 years.  But unfortunately, I just haven’t had much luck here with a job or with love.  Having said that, I have great family and friends here that I will always treasure.  And maybe someday, I’ll be back again.

So if you’re out my way, stop by and say hey.  We’ll go to Gates BBQ and eat like rock stars, then finish the night off by getting sloppy drunk on Boulevards. :-)

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